Chef Jaume Drudis


Chef Jaume Drudis

Our culinary director, Jaume Drudis, offers our diners a Mediterranean and market cuisine elaborated with local products and precise and neat cooking methods.

Nuestro director culinario Jaume Drudis ofrece a nuestros comensales una cocina mediterránea y de mercado elaborada con productos de proximidad y con unos métodos de cocción precisos y cuidados.

In the services we propose you we always look for an exquisite and personalized service and a high-quality cuisine. All this, complemented with our dedication and commitment, constitute the pillars of our culinary philosophy.

To make sure that you enjoy it to the extent possible, all the dishes are elaborated with seasonal products and with products from the crop fields, pastures and maritime areas that surrounds it. This way each dish has a unique taste.

Jaume’s link with the cuisine world started when he was very young, since he’s become later on the third in a line of chefs from Lleida.

His main teacher and guide was his father, from whom he learnt the principles of classical cuisine as well as its evolution. In 1990, Jaume received the Ángel Moncusí award for the Best Young Cook from Lleida Federation of Hospitality, which enabled him to go to Bordeaux to train further.

Back in Spain, he continued working in Michelin-starred restaurants such as Neichel, Freixa and Chez Vous. Until, in 1996, he went to Germany to become part of the Research and Development team at Unilever’s Centre for Excellence, a company where today he takes part as a Lead Chef R+D Deploy Europe, combined with the culinary direction of Grup Claustre.


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